Jigsaw’s Judgment: The harsh reality of the Sixers’ burner era

Life is a crazy monster that has a tendency to spiral out of control. Just when you think your fortune is good, there is someone to put an abrupt stop to your path. Just ask “One Eyed Willie” how his path ended. At least in his story, someone else got to share in his fortune. Unfortunately, Bryan Colangelo will not be saved by a junior detective group like The Goonies. Instead, he will be playing the part of the Fratellis as he walks the plank of no return!

The landscape of the Sixers was supposed to have changed and open the fanbase to a new set of perspectives. This is not the perspective we were looking for. We already know the storyline and have read the numerous reports of whom, what and why. I honestly don’t think I have hear the word burner used more frequently in any form of conversation since the days of HBO’s The Wire. Speaking of the longtime, didn’t the burners eventually get uncovered? Didn’t Stringer Bell eventually succumb to his life of secret deals and missed hits?

We already know how this situation is going to play itself out, but we just sit here and wait for the explanation. The bigger picture is the mark it will leave on a franchise that has already had to dig out of a hole from the tanking era. A franchise that was supposed to take the next step and attract a prized free agent to come play along with our budding stars. This is not the way it was intended to play itself out.

BC has a history of speaking out against his players, just ask Chris Bosh. In his Toronto days, before the grand era of social media, BC took to the papers in disgust of his former player when he went to join the Big 3 in Miami. To say he labeled him as “soft” is an understatement.

“Despite limited swelling and any excessive damage on an MRI, he felt like he needed to sit for six more games. I’m not even questioning Chris’ injury. I’m telling you he was cleared to play subject to tolerance on his part, and the tolerance just apparently wasn’t there and he chose not to play.”

This wasn’t a response from a burner account. This was a factual statement given by BC himself to an established reporter. The NBA wasn’t thrilled with the accusations, but it gives us an idea of the way BC feels about his players. Is it unfathomable to think he decided to speak his mind behind a Twitter handle this time? Either way, what’s done is done and the repercussions will be massive.

We worked hard for this moment and do not deserve this. We trusted a process that was forced off the right path by a general manager who was thrusted into a situation built on the merit of another. Now we sit back and wait. Wait for the other shoe to drop; that moment when no one trusts the Sixers organization enough to want to end, resume or start their career here. I know this is a harsh judgment, but it could soon become a reality.

So I am reaching out to LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and any other player who previously thought about joining an organization that was the talk of the NBA not too long ago for their young core, not for their irresponsible front office. I ask you to look past this social media mix-up and focus on the prize at hand. I have no doubt the Sixers owners will do the right thing and we will be back in the news for our future positivity, not for the new “assclown” label we have been branded with. We live by the hashtag, “#PhilaUnite,” and will be stronger than ever after the era of “Big Collars.”

Jigsaw Cutillo


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