Exclusive footage of dude getting caught on 76 after robbing a bank


Let’s not lose focus on the fact that “Dummy” [not sure of his name] decided to rob a bank. That right there is already a terrible idea.

What’s interesting, and in my opinion, a very low success rate, is that according to “FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2012,” many robbers are caught the same day. In fact, the “clearance rate” for bank robbery is among the highest of all crimes – nearly 60%.

So does that mean I have a 40% chance to get away? Decent odds. Well, I would advise against robbing a bank, but if you do, do not get on 76. No matter the time, avoid it at all costs. There’s Kelly Drive, Lincoln Drive, Girard Ave … PLENTY of other roads to use.

But that’s not what “Dummy” did. He robbed a bank, got on 76E, and got caught.

We here at Pi landed exclusive video of the arrest. S/O to Tony Mc.

Lesson learned?


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