When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

I fell in love with Hip-Hop when I heard…

On this week’s edition of PiLive, the question of influence sparked me. It made me look deep into the past and find that certain something that captured many childhood moments and memories. That something was Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop was my go to on a Friday night when I was punished from outside activities, but could turn to Fab 5 Friday on Yo MTV Raps to get me in a good mood with some classic hits. It was also the reason why I didn’t mind come home from school and hitting the books right away. The secret behind my work ethic was the 4:00 episode of Rap City on BET that I was waiting to watch. Do realize I came from the 90s where all the good joints resonated. No disrespect to the music today, but it is no match for the previous years.

The culture has evolved over the years and there’s always that one jam that hits home. Whether it’s a beat, a rhyme or a rhythm, it is something that you turn to on a bad day or in the moment of joy. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Hip-Hop? This a a question that can go into many directions.

I was thinking about doing a Top 10 MC list or even a Billboard Chart, but decided to do something different. Below I am going to list some songs that I remember for various reasons and moments. Please follow along as I attempt to help you understand my love for Hip-Hop!

Remember when they sold singles? This was my very first single purchased at the legendary Tower Records!

The classic cassette tape with Hi Speed dubbing. Damn I’m old. Anyway LL Cool J’s “Bigger and Deffer” was my very first Hip-Hop (still Rap in this era) album. This was the first track I used to practice in rapping in my room in the hope of learning every word. It took a few weeks, but I accomplished my goal!

There’s always the go to song. That one jam that can always ease the soul. Here’s mine:

High school memories. As I sophomore I remember sitting down for lunch when a classmate said, “Wait until you hear this new track.” I was trying to get done my homework due for 7th period, but was instantly side-tracked and hooked.

How about those infamous high school dances? This jam was my go to in order to get me hyped up. Unfortunately, it was my same go to when I struck out.

When we saw that females can not only rap, but better than most of the male artists in the game. It also made me realize I needed to get a little more tougher in my looks and personality.

In the 90s, what was better than the movie? The soundtrack! Me and my boys would sit around at least once a month and wild out to this movie. This song brings it all back!

How about the best song that most never heard of? This brings me back to my hanging on the corner days. Has there ever been a better beat?

My first full CD purchased and one the most underrated albums of all time. I remember playing full court on chain nets with this on repeat in the background!

This was the first song that made me respect the beat and the lyrics. At this time I started to dissect each song more closely.

I could go on all day with this list, but I think I covered all my highlights. If you noticed there aren’t many streamlined artists on here and it’s for good reason. Don’t get it twisted, I am a huge fan of artists like, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, etc. However, a true lover of Hip-Hop knows artists and albums that aren’t always heard on the radio. Maybe one day I’ll make a Top 10 MC list after all. This leaves me with one question:

When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

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