Predictions for Eagles at Rams Week 15

Carson Wentz has a fractured vertebra.

The defense can’t stay healthy.

Nick Foles went on the run of a lifetime last season. That’s literally the only thread of hope the Eagles have to make this season worth something as they travel to Los Angeles this weekend for a premier Sunday Night Football matchup against the Rams. I’m still not sure why NBC didn’t flex out of this game given how bad the Birds have been, but it’ll turn into a story of where the Rams may fall in the NFC Playoffs. It’s going to be all about the Rams. So just get ready.

To the predictions:

Candis McLean (@CandisRMcLean), 6-7:

Is there anything else that needs to be said? Do you really need another prognostication for this sunken ship of a season? OK, I’ll look into the crystal ball: I see a really good team playing a really bad one. There’s absolutely no chance in sticks defense hell that the Philadelphia Eagles will travel to Los Angeles and win this game. Buckle up for another week of Zach Ertz targets, secondary exposure, inconsistent offense, and poor tackling. Don’t I sound excited! Look at how excited I am:

Rams 31-17.

Anthony Mazziotti (@AntMazziotti), 7-6:

Can they flex this game off prime time? This one’s gonna be painful. Sure, Nick Foles led the Eagles on a magic run last year starting in L.A., but that was a different team. I’ll be praying for a Birds win, but it’s very unlikely.

Rams by a whole lot.

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23), 6-7:

What a difference a year makes. If there’s no such thing as a Super Bowl hangover, there’s damn sure at least a bad omen that exists. As we look at the shoddy play, mental mistakes, bad play calling, missed assignments, and everything else that has characterized this team up to this point, it’s really hard to defend. Now Wentz shows up on the injury report and the concern levels are rising. It has caused questions like, “Are we hitching our wagon to the wrong horse?” I am not going to even indulge that question and will instead look towards a very tough matchup against the Rams. Sorry, but even the former Super Bowl MVP cannot fix what is broken with this team.

Rams 31-14.

Adrian Fedkiw (@AdrianFedkiw), 6-7:

There won’t be an underdog run, it’s not meant to be.I’d feel better in Nick Foles if he had a couple games under his belt heading into LA, but he doesn’t have that luxury.

Rams 31-20.

Sean Brace (@Sean_Brace), 6-7:

No Wentz. No win.

Rams 34-19.

Nick Piccone (@nickpiccone), 4-9:

I’m fully on the Nick Foles bandwagon. You just have to be. The irrational hatred of Foles and Wentz in favor of one over the other is about as ridiculous as an argument I’ve ever seen on social media. Plenty of people ready to pile on one guy because they’ve just gotta love the other. It’s weird. You’re damned Eagles fans. Either root for the team or don’t, ya bunch of weirdos. You’re the reason we can’t have nice things.

Rams roll.

Rams 41-21.


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