The top Philly sports stories that moved the needle in 2018: #10

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The other day, I was listening to a Howard Stern replay from earlier this year of a damn good Stephen Colbert interview. Colbert answered one of Stern’s questions about which guest is a guarantee spike. Colbert replied, “I believe it was Leno that said there’s five actors who move the needle and Tom Hanks is one of them.”

Now, while I agree Tom Hanks is a great guest and I can understand why all of America loves him, my mind wondered who the other four guests could be, but I couldn’t stick around to listen to the rest of the interview. So if you caught it and Colbert revealed the other four, please let me know!

Of course, I started to wonder about who “moved the needle” in Philly this year. BINGO, a top 10 list on what moved the Philly sports needle in 2018. Let’s go!

Quick note: It’s a list and I know lists piss people off. But this is my list. So smile, eat a damn snack and have a great holiday.

10: Super Bowl 52

Of course this was the greatest thing to happen in 2018.

SUPER BOWL 52. In what was one of the most magical runs sports alone has ever seen, the Eagles winning the Super Bowl is up there with any legendary championship run in sports history. The ’04 Red Sox, the New York Giants ’07 run, Villanova’s ’85 run, etc. You get the picture.

Why did it move the needle?

Haha, insert your answer here, but for me, the celebration was even better than expected. The night of the Super Bowl, the city was MADNESS. Fireworks being set off all over town. And not the small kind or even a decent set. Nah, these jawns were Art Museum on the 4th of July style.

Yes there were a few goofs, but surprisingly the damage wasn’t that bad. I mean, shit got fucked up but I thought we would be seeing some seriously dumb shit.

And yes, a dude literally ate horseshit.

But that night and parade day will be memories I will never forget. The Eagles won a damn Super Bowl. Hopefully this season we can sneak back into the dance.



Be sure to tweet me all of your images from those two days and nights, and don’t be afraid to let loose the one picture you’ve been holding onto!

OK, now that #10 is out of the way, be sure to catch the rest of the countdown for the next two weeks!

Go Birds.


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