The top Philly sports stories that moved the needle in 2018: #8

My kind of people. The crew that basically gets their most pub, tailgating in Lot F1 outside the Wells Fargo Center. The squad is known as 4th and Jawn.

Look, in 2018, nobody made headlines from organic pub more than EROCK and his 4th and Jawn crew. (S/O Gayle, Trox, Evan, Mike and many others.)

From burning New Your Giants’ superfan “0 Super Bowls” jersey on opening night, a jersey that raised over $10K for a charity and oh by the way, the freaking President of the Eagles, Don Smolinski lit the damn thing on fire. Check out the vid!


And that’s not all that happened that day. Look, the jersey burning is awesome, but I missed it. However, I didn’t miss the parade day speech reenactment. It blew my mind to see the crowd gathered around, as well as how perfect the look and exact words from Fo-Jason Kelce. Trust me, one of the cooler things in tailgating history. (I’ve been tailgating for a long damn time!)


But that’s not all they do. This past year, the crew finally got the attention they deserve and NBC Sports Philadelphia is now their outlet for their podcast. (If NBC was smart, give them a weekly 30-minute show now and allow them to create.)

For anyone that’s trying to get into the biz or interested on improving their brand, look at this crew to see what it takes. Basically what their name says, they do anything and everything. Podcasts, videos, live events, NFL Network, radio, GET IT!

I’m proud of what this crew is and everything they have achieved. Look out in 2019!

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