It’s been too long

It feels good to be back.

This is a bit surreal for me, as I have been in the blogging world for the better part of the last seven years save for a brief hiatus when my son was born.

I’ve been following Sean Brace since his days at 97.5 The Fanatic and always felt he was the only one worth listening to on the airwaves. Here I am, back to writing about what I love for a member of the media I have always seen eye-to-eye with.

Some of you may remember me from my time with The Orange Update, Buzz on Broad, Sons of Penn or Flyers Nation. You’ll remember I am not a huge analytics guy. I think the eye test needs to support analytics, and analytics need to support the eye test. Individually those aspects don’t tell the full story, but together they can help someone create a well-educated opinion. I’m looking forward to bringing my style to the site based on those factors.

I’m always up for a heated debate, zestful ribbing or friendly banter on social media (@215Cash), and you can find me in Section 224 at all the Flyers home games.

Let’s go!


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