MLB needs a new offseason direction

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Let me start by saying the MLB has a problem on their hands: their offseason.

Can we please speed this thing up?

It’s now January the 11th and we’re still waiting on a ton of players to be signed, all because of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. The duo are now holding the entire offseason up for ransom and, in their defense, these things take time. But even with that, what about the Winter Meetings? They were a huge miss this year. MLB can use some help.

The offseason started on October 29th, 2018. That’s when all eligible players become free agents. On November 3rd, teams could sign players and a five-day exclusive negotiating period ended that following Saturday.

We’re now into the new year and stars are just floating out there in the evening sky. Every night, a galaxy full of rumors, “the Phillies are favored for both,” “Harper is done with Washington.” You name it, we’ve heard them all. At this point, it’s nothing but the same old discussion. Change it up, MLB.


Make the teams sign within a two-week window in December. Create buzz. Also beyond that, how about the fact were a month away from spring training and there’s still over 100 players waiting to be signed. No way is that good for competition. The season comes fast and managers will be complaining about the lack of chemistry before you know it. Speaking of the season, check out the best baseball sportsbook for all the latest predictions and preseason props.

Hopefully the planets align and the Phillies catch both stars, but my feeling is it will only be one.


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