Predictions for the Eagles at Saints NFC Divisional playoff game

The Eagles are looking to avenge a 48-7 drubbing at the hands of the Saints just eight weeks ago on Sunday afternoon. It’s the hardest possible game left on the schedule, given they can only play the Kansas City Chiefs on a neutral field. If we’re taking home-field into consideration, a win on Sunday could just catapult the Eagles into the Super Bowl for the second straight year.

But first things first… beat the opponent that’s before you this weekend. Can the Birds do it? Can they continue this improbable run behind Nick Foles… who last left the field with the lead when facing the Saints in the playoffs?

To the predictions:

Candis McLean (@CandisRMcLean), 7-9, 1-0 in playoffs:

This Sunday, the Eagles will face off against the second-best quarterback they’ve played in the last two years. In addition to that, this quarterback also commands the best offense we’ve seen in that span. Drew Brees is hard enough to stop in any location but when the game is in the Superdome, it’s almost impossible. People can consider the Week 11 stomp out as motivation, but emotion can only takes you so far. When it comes to stopping this offense, in that stadium, the difference won’t be remembering blowouts of the past. Victory can only be seized by winning matchups and skill. I have the Eagles winning in a shootout were the pass rush and Foles’ magic bests that New Orleans voodoo.

Eagles 35-28.

Anthony Mazziotti (@AntMazziotti), 9-7, 1-0 in playoffs:

I’ll start with this: It’s hard to beat a team twice in the same season. For example, look what the Chargers did to the Ravens last week. Despite beating the Chargers handily in a Week 16 matchup, the Ravens looked overwhelmed at times in the Wild Card game. This is where the Eagles can do their best Chargers impersonation.

It’s safe to say both the Eagles and Saints aren’t the same team they were in Week 11 when the Birds got the doors blown off them. The book is out on how to beat the Saints – the first and only time you’ll hear me thank the Cowboys – and the Eagles are playing waaaaaaay better football.

The Saints are very hard to beat in the Superdome, so it will take another Herculean effort from Nick Foles. It might be easy to build a lead as the Saints starters are on three weeks rest. This game will for sure be better than earlier this year.

I’m pretty much stalling because I can’t pick a winner. My heart says the Eagles, but my brain is acknowledging the Saints are a damn good football team, maybe the best in the entire league right now. The only thing that will shock me is a low-scoring game like last week.

Call me a homer, whatever, I’m going Eagles. I like the revenge factor here.

Eagles 33-29.

Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23), 8-8, 1-0 in playoffs:

It wasn’t a miracle,
It wasn’t a fluke.
The Eagles have landed,
Without needing their own horn to toot.

Carson went down,
Nick came in for the save.
The Bears were caught off guard,
Even Mack had to behave.

It took four quarters to get there,
In the end it all worked.
A trade in question and castoffs all signed,
A leftover timeout used as a perk.

No matter the script,
We came out on top.
Now on to New Orleans,
Sights set on Peyton’s ego to pop.

Nick is ready to deal,
Fletch is ready to pound.
The Saints are forgetting one thing,


Eagles 31-28.

Adrian Fedkiw (@AdrianFedkiw), 8-8, 1-0 in playoffs:

I expect points to be put up and in a game like this, the team with the better red zone defense will win. Well, the Eagles have the top-ranked red zone defense and the Saints are 24th. Nick Foles’ magic continues, Eagles win again!

Eagles 31-28.

Sean Brace (@Sean_Brace), 8-8, 1-0 in playoffs:

I have no idea how the Eagles are going to do it, but it sure feels like they’re going to. I was inside the dome during the blowout and those Saints are fast and those fans are loud. What I believe, though, is if the Eagles keep it close, they can win it. That’s as far as I’m confident in saying. They keep it close.

Eagles 24-20.

Nick Piccone (@nickpiccone), 4-12:, 0-1 in playoffs

I’m going with what’s been working.

I mean, it’s going to be the hardest game of the season for the Birds. Going back down to New Orleans eight weeks after getting trounced 48-7 certainly breeds the revenge factor, but this Saints eerily reminds me of last year’s Eagles team. Maybe they’re just too good. Yes, last year’s Eagles had some guys with solid playoff experience help them along the way. This year’s Eagles shouldn’t have gotten their asses kicked in November at the Superdome, but it happened. Do I think it’s going to happen again? Hell no. But do I think the Eagles’ miraculous season comes to an end Sunday? I do. The Saints are just too good.

Saints 30-17.


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