“Shower Thoughts” with Mazz: The Eagles’ starting five

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Run the hot water. I’m starting a new segment here at Pi.

This week’s shower thought is thinking about crossover between sports. Charles Davis, and to a lesser extent Kevin Burkhardt, really beat the ‘Nick Foles and Alshon Jeffery used to play basketball’ narrative into the dirt during the NFC Divisional Round tilt between the Birds and Saints. This left me thinking – what would the Eagles starting five be if they were playing basketball?

Point Guard

When you think of a point guard, you think of running the team’s offense. If I were the Eagles putting together a basketball team, I would have Carson Wentz running the point. I know the past narrative is that Nick Foles is the point guard of the team’s offense, but 1.) He probably won’t be back next year and 2.) Wentz is more athletic in my opinion. I’m not sure what Wentz’s past experience in basketball is but I imagine with practice he could run the point with ease.

Shooting Guard

When picking a two guard, you’re looking for offensive ability; someone with athleticism and scoring ability. This is where I think Nelson Agholor would excel. He might be a little undersized, standing at an even six feet tall, but his quickness should allow him to get separation to get shots on net. His athleticism will be needed on defense to boot.

Small Forward

Here is where the Eagles basketball squad gets a little funky. To even the squad out, I’d bring in Malcolm Jenkins for the three. I think he could defend any of the five positions while providing some scoring ability. Plus his leadership can’t be undersold. There’s room for Jenkins on any team in Philadelphia.

Power Forward

Alshon Jeffery. Need I say anything else? Seriously, the national broadcasters make one comment during every game about how he plays “above the rim.” He’s the power forward of this team.


This was the hardest position to figure out. When I think of a center in today’s NBA I think of Joel Embiid. When I think of a center in the early 2000’s NBA, I think of Shaquille O’Neal. Now these two are no where near the same, I think the Eagles can possibly match the latter. Lane Johnson has good lateral quickness and some explosion with a 34 inch vertical from his 2013 combine. He won’t play many minutes but he’d be a tough matchup in the paint for sure.

Sixth Man/Bench

Depth is an important part to a basketball team. The Eagles need solid role players to come off the bench and make an impact. If I’m the Birds, my sixth man is Kamu Grugier-Hill. Dude is crazy athletic, he posted a 38 inch vertical at his pro day alongside a 4.45 40 yard dash. He’d be able to make an impact on both ends of the floor.

The next three players could come off the bench in no particular order but I’d pick Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert and Rasul Douglas. Ertz and Goedert both have size and the ability to create separation on offense. They might be liabilities on defense, but I think they’d be passable because of their athleticism and height.

Douglas, a defensive specialist, could create turnovers with his ballhawk mentality. I like his defensive upside. He’s the inverse of the Ertz, Goedert pairing.

If you were picking a basketball team of only Eagles players, who would you take and where?


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