Block Pool blunder or recipe for victory? You decide

After a long night of playing FIFA for a few hours, my mind was warped. You know how it is. Not easy hoisting trophies. Come get that work @Seaneb429 PS4 only.

Anyway, I was out of it and sat down for the first time that night when I saw my friend posted on his Instagram story that he had blocks for sale. $25 each. Love it, I’m in. Need to make up for last year as I went easy on the prop bets. Only one wager made and it was a damn WINNER!

Back to the block pool, I told my friend to give me four blocks. He told me to pick the numbers, I went with 81-84, not thinking the decision through at all. And to my surprise, I am now the owner of four blocks, all with the Rams 9. Hahaha. Damn.

A few things if I can: First of all, is that BBQ sauce on Barry’s block? Where the hell did he fill this out, in the back of an Uber?

Second of all, I kind of like the Patriots 29 and the Rams 19. I think that’s a pretty good score. How bad of a move was it if I come out on top?

“Interesting strategy.”


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