“Cheetah’s don’t stretch”: The best of DeSean Jackson’s re-introductory press conference


Months ago, I did a top five pain and suffering moments in my time as a fan. DeSean Jackson’s departure rang in at number one along with other Chip Kelly refugees. The ramifications of that era came full circle this week when the team announced that D Jax aka 10 Mode was making his return back to the City of Brotherly Love. His introductory press conference was today and he touched on his growth as a person and player, reclaiming his number, and his focus for the season.

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(Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Michael Perez/AP)

On his return to the team:

“You know you know I just though in the early days of my career we had something special here… Being able to have this opportunity to come back here which I feel is my home was a great opportunity for me to reunite with the Eagles.”

“I wish I could tell you honestly [how the deal went down]. I woke up on Monday and you know got a phone call from my agent. I looked up on the TV and it said that I was being traded back to the Eagles. I couldn’t believe it still to this day. You know it’s very shocking…I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

” I want to end my career here.”

On his speed and ability: 

“I credit that to the hard work and the people I keep around me. I built a team that dedicated their lives to me since I was a kid. Five individuals that you know when I was 12 or 8 years old, I can just remember them calling me and telling me to get up. I still keep that regimen.”

On his personal and physical growth: 

“I think it’s a lot. Me mentally and being a professional…when I was younger obviously I had the world in my hands coming into the NFL as a rookie and starting. I had all that success early on in my career. It’s kind of hard to get ahold of that at a young age.”

“You have to go through things in life in order to mature. Now I have a family and I have kids. I do everything for them. It’s about what’s the legacy you want to leave when I’m gone. What do I want people to say about me.”

“Just being accountable and coming to work every day to put your best foot forward.”

“At a young age, you don’t have to think about how much you take care of your body…As a young kid, I could just wake up out of my bed and go run. I used to say cheetahs don’t stretch. I looked at myself as a cheetah. But now I get out there a little earlier and just take care of my body a little more.

How he sees himself in the offense: 

“That part we haven’t talked about yet. I haven’t talked to the coaching staff yet. I talked to Howie once I was traded, you know understanding the role…I know we have Alshon, Aggy, Ertz..all these guys I used to play with as far as Ertz. I’m ready to get back and add to what they already have. It’s not really much they need. For me to be able to add to what they already have is in my eyes is lights out.”

“I’m here to help where I can. It might be games where I don’t get any catches. There might be games where I get a lot of catches. I’m just excited to be a part of it.”

On his jersey number:

“We worked it out…I definitely talked to Mack [Hollins] and appreciate him letting me get that number back. I’m going to do some cool things for the receiving corps. That number, I don’t know how much I need to argue about that, I did some great things in that number. It’s definitely good to have that number back.”

On Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson:

“I just talked to him [Carson Wentz] yesterday. He shot me a text. I saw what he tweeted on Twitter…He has an arm out this world. He can through the deep ball. He’s very smart, very agile. He’s a good quarterback. I just can’t wait to get with him and work out with him in the offseason.”

“Doug man that’s my guy. I remember my first couple years here he was the quarterback coach here. I got a great relationship with him and I respect him to the utmost.”

On Super Bowl ambitions: 

“I can only imagine what it would be like if I was to come back here and win a Super Bowl. So that’s what kind of made me you know, be so happy and excited about reuniting with the Eagles.”

“We’re not in it for any other reasons [than to win]. I want to put some jewelry on my finger.”

Watch the entire press conference below:


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