Report: Brett Brown is coming back as Sixers head coach

Brett Brown didn’t have to wait long to learn his fate.

He’s coming back.

Brown will return as the Philadelphia 76ers’ coach next season, according to a report by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The news comes after Marc Stein’s report over the weekend, which stated that Brown had “little chance” of surviving a second-round exit. Well, that’s obviously now not the case and Stein admitted he was wrong via twitter.

Must’ve been a BC burner account leaking him the tip.

Now that Brown is back and if the Sixers can retain both Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, he’ll get an entire year with the fearsome foursome of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Butler and Harris instead of just the final 10 games of this past regular season and the postseason.

But there’s no more excuses, better results are a priority.

NBA Finals or bust.

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