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Straight Shooters: Heyman and Bischoff to take over WWE TV, WWE vs. AEW heats up, and more

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What year is it!?

This week, Nick (@nickpiccone) and Vaughn (@VaughnMJohnson) take on a myriad of topics this week, the biggest being the bombshell announced by WWE on Thursday morning. Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman are back working for Vince McMahon, and each of them will be controlling one of WWE’s television shows. Bischoff will run SmackDown as its Executive Director, and Heyman will be running RAW with the same title.

What exactly will the Executive Directors do? According to the WWE.com article, Bischoff and Heyman “will oversee the creative development of WWE’s flagship programming and ensure integration across all platforms and lines of business. The creation of these roles further establishes WWE’s ability to continuously reinvent its global brand while providing two distinct creative processes for its flagship shows.”

Two distinct creative processes… but what will that entail in the long run? Nick and Vaughn discuss the possibilities but also some harsh realities that many might be looking past. After all, they’re still answering to Vince McMahon. And where does this leave Triple H?

From there, the guys discuss the beef between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay. Rollins tweeted before the WWE Stomping Grounds pay-per-view that the company he works for has the best wrestling on the planet. Period. Ospreay took exception to Rollins intimating nobody could touch him in the ring. And wrestling fans who wanted a war are now upset.

WWE also made a move to broadcast the EVOLVE 131 10th anniversary show in Philly on July 13 on the WWE Network. It would probably be looked at as awesome for everyone that works for EVOLVE and WWN since they have begun a relationship with WWE, but not everyone was happy about it, including AEW’s Kenny Omega. That’s because AEW is running a charity event, Fight for the Fallen, the same night in Jacksonville.

The guys discuss their thoughts on that and if it really affects the charitable aspect of AEW’s show.

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