Heat Ratio Sports: NBA youth, Union decisions, and the Alshon effect

The NFL owners’ Collective Bargaining Agreement proposal isn’t going over too well with the players. There seems to be a divide about the 17-game schedule, despite the increase in money they’d receive. Do the players have a valid point?

The Eagles have an issue at left tackle. Hall of Famer, Jason Peters, is 38 years old and his heir apparent doesn’t seem to be ready yet. Do you pay him to come back for another year, or let Andre Dillard sink or swim?

In another interesting week in sports, Jigsaw (@TCutillo23), John (@PGHJohn36), Mike (@BigMikeySmallzand Dave (Coachdickson365) cover all the current topics, local and national, while going around the world of sports to digest the various perspectives.

In this episode, they cover the above stories and touch on the following topics:

  • The Brett Brown Excuse
  • Peters, Jenkins, Alshon – who stays, who doesn’t?
  • NFL free agents
  • CB, DE, WR – draft or sign?
  • NBA 2021

The Heat Ratio Sports Podcast (@heatratiosports) is brought to you by Pi’s own Tony “Jigsaw” Cutillo and he continues to bring a unique flavor to the world of podcasting. From top sports stories to everyday life, it’s all here just waiting for your take.

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