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The National Basketball Association’s official restart is quickly approaching leaving us with various questions. This week, Tony reached out to the ever popular Renee Washington (@ReneePWash) – host of Beyond the Headlines with Renee Washington (@BTHwithRW) on Fox Sports and Locked On Wizards (@lockedonwizards) – to look ahead to all the fun.

We touched on the following topics:

  • Will the NBA bubble work? Will the actions of players like Lou Williams and Richaun Holmes continue to happen?
  • The Wizards rely on the duo of John Wall and Brady Beal to be successful. Without these two stars, can they still compete?
  • With the uncertainty of John Wall, does his age scare you in regards to his comeback attempt in 2021?
  • What is your opinion of Brett Brown and the state of the Sixers?
  • Is Al Horford done or just in the wrong system?
  • Joel Embiid, when healthy, is unstoppable. Do you think his health will hold him back?
  • Ben Simmons was moved to the PF spot (#4). Will this move work?
  • If you were assembling a “Big 3” of current NBA players, who would it be?
  • If you had one shot to take, who’s taking it?

Listen below!

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