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Afternoon Tug Monday-Monday 5-11-15


You like buzzer-beaters? This NBA weekend was for you! D.Rose, Bron & “I called Game” Paul Pierce. (

Schefty thinks Brady will be suspended. And for people to think this won’t taint Brady…you’re not looking at it the right way. ( 

Hack-A-Jordan?! 28 free throws attempted in the 1st half alone for the Clippers DeAndre Jordan. 84 minutes to play 24 minutes of basketball. Not good and didn’t work.    (Fox Sports)

Phillies Dad makes catch of the year with baby onboard (6 ABC)

If there’s one guy that should get this treatment, it is Cristiano Ronaldo. Even though his team will be knocked out of the Champions League on Wednesday. (GQ Mag)

I am not an APP guy, but this is one I’m hopeful we all download. #KARDBlock #BRILLIANT (DigitalTrend)



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