Pardon Me As I Speak Candid About a Few Things

For the last 7 years of my life, radio/broadcasting was apart of my day to day scheduling. Yes, it started as my dream job, but it grew into a full blown love affair. The studio was my second home, only much dirtier and the neighbors were way cooler. Nick, Matt, Casey, Marissa, fucking Preston and Steve. Ray Koob, Andre Gardner, Tony Harris, Marilyn, Toni, Kareem, all of Mangia, god damn Miss Cho(?) where its the strangest little corner store out there. Shit, I’ll even miss Professor Klump, who used to bust my stones everyday about parking out front. (Yeah it was in the hour space but it was raining!) All that, I will miss. But just like the end of every broken relationship, it sucks and you have to learn and move on. And that’s what I’m doing here. Broadcasting will never be taken away from me again, that I know. Why, because in the last 7 years I’ve learned I love broadcasting/performing. The moving on is what I’m doing here at

Yesterday I recorded a podcast with Smitty from Philly Barstool Sports.(Available at 7AM). We talked about a few things… Chip Kelly and the 2015 Eagles. Marriage and how one picks out his shore point, on top of a few other things. It felt so good to get back after it, and it also felt different. I guess it felt different because this is mine. Only, its not just mine…

I want to thank you for your support all these years. Its because of you I believe in myself and will continue to perform. There’s a lot of good supporters out there. PhillyInfluencer is for you.





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