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“TV Made Me Do It” Album Release Party

This past week, West Philly’s own Chill Moody & Producer Wes Manchild decided the time was right for a victory jamboree. The celebration was for their official album release of “TV Made Me Do It,” Chill & Wes’s 2nd album collaboration to date. The venue was one of my favorite Center City mid-week spots, “Time.” The lights were low, Jameson was flowing and the place was packed with Chill’s fanbase & family, otherwise known as the #Chilluminati. I had the opportunity to play moderator for the Q&A session about the album, Nice Things Music (Moodys new record label) and all things future for the duo. Below is a highlight reel from the night.

From the gut: These dudes are Hip-Hop. The good kind. The Talented kind. Explosive beats and samples, amazing lyrics that make you think and freak out when you figure out the message. Positive movements for our city, PHILLY. The list goes on and on. I’ve been a fan since 08 and can honestly tell you, they’re just getting started. As Chill says, “I didn’t come this far, just to come this far.” Philly, click the link, download the album, and buy me a shot of Jameson later. #NiceThings

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