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Chip Kelly Doesn’t Know What Howie Roseman’s Job Is

Since Chip Kelly’s taken over for Howie Roseman in terms of putting his own roster together, he apparently hasn’t paid much attention to what Howie’s new job description entails. Despite him saying he has a good relationship with Roseman, Kelly said he wasn’t sure what the contract guy does.

From’s Jimmy Kempski:

In a round table interview between Kelly and the Philly media, Kelly was asked if he had a good relationship with Roseman.

“I have a good relationship with Howie,” Kelly responded. “I think he does a good job in what his job is now in terms of overseeing contracts, in terms of overseeing all those other things that are under it. I don’t know exactly — there are some things he’s doing — I don’t know exactly what those are. Those are under the direction of Mr. Lurie. But my interaction with from a contract standpoint, I have a good relationship with him.”

Nice. I guess it’s good Chip isn’t worrying about what Howie’s been up to since stealing his job away from him. Something tells me Howie’s been sleeping under his desk.


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