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The Buffalo Bills Probably Aren’t too Happy with LeSean McCoy and His Females-Only Party

Everybody is making a huge deal out of this. I mean everybody. But, I can’t blame them one bit. After being under a rock last night to further my personal athletic prowess, I awoke this morning to Deadspin’s post of LeSean McCoy putting out an advertisement yesterday via his Instagram account for a private party, apparently in Philadelphia, this Sunday.

Not only that, but women only were allowed to RSVP to [email protected]and they were not allowed to have +1’s. Certainly sounds like a Shady party… see what I did there?

The post was deleted from Instagram, not because it was recruiting women to go and have sex with Shady and his boys, but because McCoy’s post had that buffalo ramming rod of a Buffalo Bills logo. This is the statement the Bills released:

“We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team.”

Here’s one thing I’ll say about me, and it’s been true for a lot of others I’ve talked to over the years – once I turned 25 years old, I finally understood everything. I understood how the world works. Everything just clicked. Before 25, I was young and stupid. Didn’t think things through. Honestly thought the world was out to get me. And I was brought up in a great scenario with a loving family and two loving parents who barely ever fought.

I was sheltered, but I understood how to behave and act in public. I wasn’t a shitty tipper or a guy that needs some type of attention at all times in order to feel better about myself. Shady just turned 27 and he might be getting worse. I really don’t understand the thought process.

Alas, this was excellent maturity shown by one of the “best” running backs in the NFL. That off-field annoyance certainly wasn’t a reason Chip got rid of him – Chip’s racist.

via Deadspin

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