Joel Embiid Has Yet to Undergo His Second Surgery on His Foot, and That’s Not Good

Exactly one month ago today, news [finally] came out that Joel Embiid would need a second surgery on his broken foot due to it not healing properly and as quickly as the team, Embiid, and presumably doctors, wanted.

The initial report said the surgery was scheduled to take place within a week or two of the news breaking, so one would think we would get an update on Embiid’s recovery from the Sixers or Embiid himself a month later.

Well, that’s not happening. It’s not happening because Embiid hasn’t had the surgery yet, according to CSN Philly’s John Gonzalez.

Joel Embiid has not yet undergone a second surgery on his right foot, sources close to the situation told CSNPhilly.com, however, that procedure is still scheduled to take place and Embiid is still expected to miss the upcoming 2015-16 season.

In early July, the Philadelphia Inquirer first reported that Embiid will require another surgery to address the navicular bone injury in his right foot. The team confirmed that report in a statementand said it anticipated “the procedure will take place in the next 7-10 days.” That was nearly a month ago, and Embiid has yet to have the surgery.

Swell. Gonzalez notes that Embiid is still coming to terms with being out another season, but was also being proactive with the team in finding the best doctor available. He also notes Embiid reached out to Kevin Durant, who’s going through a similar injury, and hasn’t played since having his surgery.

I’m probably with the majority in saying the sooner the surgery, the better. But with Embiid experiencing no pain at all – that’s what Gonzo’s sources tell him – I can see why it’s hard to justify another surgery if the person feels fine. But, if this helps extend his NBA career, definitely the sooner the better.

One would think the Sixers would be a little bit more forthcoming about this situation. There’s nothing really to hide at this point. We know Embiid is out, and so do they. Unless they’re trying to keep it a surprise and Embiid really doesn’t need surgery and he’ll be at the first day of training camp and it’ll be a grand April Fool’s joke.

But Hinkie knows no humor, so that’s out. And now we wait.

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