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Kobe Bryant Hired a Film Crew – Is This His Final Season?

There have been questions as to whether this will be Kobe Bryant’s final season in a Lakers uniform,  let alone in the NBA. In what could be a hint as to what the future holds for Bryant, Bryant hired a film crew to follow him around and document this season. Say it ain’t so Kobe!

Kobe’s body has started to breakdown over the past couple of years and he strikes me as the type of player that will know when it’s time to walk away, rather than to let us all see his body/game deteriorate before our very eyes on the court. He has stated that he’s unsure if he wants to play beyond his current contract, which expires at the end of this season.

Kobe has had one hell of a ride in the NBA, as he has won five championships and he’ll be a first ballot Hall of Famer. They don’t make them like him anymore. He plays with a passion and a competitive spirit that some could only dream of having. While he gets a bad rap as being difficult to play with because of how demanding he is, I would love to have a guy like that as my teammate. If this is indeed his goodbye tour, then all I have to say is – “Thank You, Kobe!” The NBA is a better place with him in the league.

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