The Morning Brew for November 30

Well, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. And Black Friday. And weekend. We certainly did, because it all started with video of Jahlil Okafor fighting outside of a Boston bar on Wednesday night being made public literally during my Thanksgiving meal. It’s like it couldn’t have been scripted any better. And since then, a few more instances of Okafor’s bad decisions have become public knowledge.

To be completely honest, this shouldn’t have an affect on his time with the Sixers. The guy just has to mature – quickly. He’s the face of the franchise whether he realizes it or not [he says he does, but I’m not so sure he does]. Let’s brew it up.

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And now, the brew:

A few Okafor links to start the day off:

Video of fight outside Boston bar.

Okafor had a gun pulled on him in October.

Okafor speeds at 108 miles per hour on the Ben Franklin Bridge. Really, who needs to get to New Jersey, or back to Philly, that quickly?

Brett Brown says the team is trying to help him.

Kobe Bryant is retiring at the end of this season. His last game in Philly will be tomorrow. More on that later.

Would you believe in the Eagles if Howie Roseman got his power back? Mike Florio is already thinking about the possibility.

Temple head football coach, Matt Rhule, is apparently in talks with Missouri. Uh oh.

Here’s a video recap of college football’s best from the weekend’s regular season finale.

Rutgers is cleaning house, and Penn State fired their offensive coordinator.

USC already reached out to Chip Kelly.

Tim Tebow was dumped by his girlfriend because he wouldn’t have sex with her. Maybe women should stop trying to change the guy, eh?

Penn State commit, Lavert Hill, de-committed from the university Sunday night, after a visit from Michigan coach, Jim Harbaugh.


Why couldn’t the Dolphins do something like this against the Eagles?

Not good for Jimmy Graham. He has a torn patellar tendon and will miss the rest of the season.

A better reaction to hecklers for Okafor? Maybe try this out.

Eli Man Penguin Boy.


A pretty brilliant fan piece on Bleeding Green Nation from John Stolnis, explaining how we’re thinking about the Chip Kelly era all wrong.

Head coach of the St. Louis Rams, Jeff Fisher, told anyone who questioned the Rams’ effort to kiss his ass.


He was facing the same questions Chip Kelly has faced the last couple weeks, and the media hasn’t gotten a “kiss my ass” from Chip.

O’Dell Beckham, Jr. is insane.



The Flyers had an impressive end to their road trip, beating the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, 3-0, on Saturday afternoon. Wayne Simmonds had a breakout game, and if the Flyers have any chance of making a playoff run this season, he has to be like this on an every-game basis. Easier said than done, for sure.

Jimmy Kempski: Chip Kelly’s ‘culture’ never really existed.

And, I leave you with this:


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