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The Morning Brew for January 18

The AFC and NFC Championship games are set for next Sunday. The Patriots visit the Broncos in the AFC Championship for a 3:05 eastern start on CBS, and the Cardinals visit the Panthers in the NFC Championship for a 6:40 eastern start on FOX.

Doug Pederson’s season is over, so he’ll be in Philly in no time. Time to brew.

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And now, the brew:

Ryan White will probably [and should] get suspended for this hit from last night.

Doug Pederson wants Steve Spagnuolo as his defensive coordinator?

Our own Seth Vigdor hates the Pederson hire.

Doug Pederson’s players are talking him up pretty well as he exits Kansas City for Philadelphia.

Let’s hope Wade Phillips is good.


Betty White roasts the NFL in this FOX bit.


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Meek Mill dabbing at the Sixers game this weekend with Nicki Minaj. And now he’s got more beef with 50 Cent.

Jeremy Maclin chumped an Eagles fan on Twitter after the Chiefs lost on Saturday.

An Ode to Andy. Here’s some of Andy Reid’s top clock management mishaps.

We’re already looking at how Sam Hinkie will be remembered in Philadelphia.

What a knockout.

Best free throw ever?


The coin flip that didn’t flip.


Rodgers had a strategy going into the toss.

Clete had it on heads,” Rodgers said. “He was showing heads, so I called tails, and it didn’t flip. It just tossed up in the air and did not turn over at all. It landed in the ground. So we obviously thought that was not right.
“He picked the coin up and flipped it to tails, and then he flipped it without giving me a chance to make a recall there. It was confusing.” Rodgers indicated he would have called “heads” on the second toss if given the chance.


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Aaron Rodgers is the most ridiculous quarterback in the world.


Side by side of his two miracles this season:


Some major match-fixing going on in the world of tennis?

Panthers defensive end Jared Allen will try to play on a broken foot in the NFC Championship Game.

The WWE Royal Rumble is this Sunday, which you can watch for free on the WWE Network if you don’t have a subscription currently. Keep an eye out for my Royal Rumble preview only at The Philly Voice later this week.


Sean Brace’s thoughts on the Eagles hiring Doug Pederson from Friday’s Philly Influencer Live podcast.

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    The Patriots visit the Broncos in the AFC Championship for a 3:05 eastern start on CBS, and the Cardinals visit the Panthers in the NFC Championship for a 6:40 eastern start on FOX. Where is this information?

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