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Chip Kelly Sent Angelo Cataldi a 49ers Hat

Yesterday morning, Angelo Cataldi opened up the WIP Morning Show with a little story about how he received a “care package” from former Eagles head coach and now 49ers coach, Chip Kelly.

According to Cataldi, Chip Kelly sent him a 49ers hat and t-shirt while also asking him to switch his allegiance to the San Francisco squad Kelly now calls the shots for.
Now, longtime listeners know Cataldi is a man of conviction and it takes more than some cheap swag to get him away from his principles.
“If I do, I might have a better quarterback than my Eagles have,” Cataldi said.
“Iiiiiiiiiiii think I might,” Cataldi said of being swayed by Chip. “I’m thinking that I’m going to be pulling for my old guy Chip.”

If true, that’s good news for Eagles fans. Once Cataldi completely turned his support to the Phillies and left the Yankees on the backburner, the Phillies started their decline. He’s been a big Eagles fan, and they’ve won nothing. Maybe it’s time for our sake that Cataldi just starts liking other teams for the hell of it.

Oh, and for Villanova folk, you’d better hope he never wears your hat again.

You can listen to Cataldi talk about the gift from Chip below, courtesy of 94WIP.



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