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Last Night’s NBA Dunk Contest Was So Epic That You Need to See These Dunks Again

The NBA hasn’t been the same since the days of Michael Jordan.  It’s clearly lost some of it’s popularity. However, the NBA put on one hell of a show for All-Star Weekend in Toronto. The night was capped off by the dunk competition and I have to say that if you saw it and weren’t impressed by the final round, you may need to get your head examined.

Aaron Gordon and the defending champ Zach Lavine absolutely tore the house down. In the interest of prolonging the finals with a couple extra dunks, Aaron Gordon was screwed out of taking home the title in my opinion. But, the extra dunks were worth it.

Check out the best of the best from last night courtesy of @NBAonTNT.

That was the dunk of the night in my eyes. Here are some more goodies for you.

Those guys killed it last night. Besides Gordon and Lavine being great dunkers, they’re genuinely good guys. Lavine made an instagram post honoring his late coach Flip Saunders, who passed away late last year due to cancer.

Well done, Zach. Well done!


  1. Its Always Sunny

    Love how Zach Lavine dedicated his win to Flip Saunders… But I still think Aaron Gordon should have won.

  2. Seth Vigdor

    I 100% agree with you. They gave Lavine 50’s to start off with to keep the contest going. But with all due respect to Lavine’s dunks, Gordon beat him every round IMO.

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