Report: Eagles Listening to Offers for DeMarco Murray

For some reason, DeMarco Murray still isn’t happy in Philadelphia despite what many of us thought was the reason for his unhappiness – Chip Kelly – not being here anymore. And now, according to Ian Rapoport, the Eagles will be listening to any offers – likely ones that would benefit the team gaining Murray moreso than the Eagles – for the disgruntled running back.

Rapoport is right. Trading Murray’s contract will prove to be no easy task, even for Howie Roseman. Murray’s cap hit is $8 million this season, and $9 million from 2017-2019. His dead cap hit is $13 million, which the Eagles would incur should they release him before June 1st, $10 million if he’s released after June 1st, or $4 million if they trade him, according to OverTheCap.com:

Rapoport also noted that Murray still loves him some Dallas, so even if the Eagles keep the guy, I’m not so sure the fans will be so accepting of him anymore. Like… who loves that team that much? I thought there was a good chance Murray wouldn’t be back with the Eagles next season, and it seems like it’s almost impossible to envision a scenario in which he is at this point.



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