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Report: The Eagles Up Their Offer to Keep Sam Bradford

Per Mike Garafalo, the Eagles upped their offer to Sam Bradford during the NFL Scouting Combine, continuing their efforts to close out a multi-year deal for the quarterback before the start of free agency.

The terms of the offer aren’t available, but sources indicated the Eagles’ believe it’s a very strong offer for Bradford — one that’s at the top of his expected range on the open market and one that should help get him under contract before that market opens on March 9.
Though former Eagles coach Chip Kelly is the one who brought Bradford to Philly, sources have repeatedly said Howie Roseman likes what he saw from Bradford last year, as do Doug Pederson and his offensive coaching staff.”

As many know, I am not in any way, shape or form a fan of Bradford. I think he had his best year, which was still average at best, in a system that is friendly to quarterbacks, and I was still left wanting more in my franchise leader. The one theory here that still keeps me hopeful that we move on from Bradford is this: The Eagles have made it very clear that they have other options they will pursue, even being linked to Chase Daniel.

Do I think Chase is the answer? No. So why would I be more excited for that idea? It means we are finally looking to draft a young quarterback that can be mentored and molded into the future leader of our team. I am starving for someone to be genuinely excited about. I’m ready for a guy that we can see struggle some, but that we see glimpses of hope and potential in. A young guy we can look to and be excited about when he has weeks that show us that a new era in Philly sports may finally be here.

So, as far as I’m concerned, I am happy that Bradford has not yet accepted a new deal here, and he may not even want to return. Give me Chase Daniel and a young quarterback we can draft and hope for the future. Just don’t give me an average guy that may blow out a knee the next time there is a swift breeze outside. That is something that I don’t want!


  1. Brandon

    It is “Chase Daniel”–no “s.”

    Come on people. If you want this backup as your QB at least get his name right.

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