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Reuben Frank Thinks Sam Bradford Is Going to Retire

Reuben Frank is a seemingly good dude. I’ve never met him, but I’ve interacted with him on several occasions and he seems to be genuine about all of his thoughts and opinions. He’s not just someone who will throw shit at a wall to see if it sticks.

He also has the same personality on the airwaves at 94WIP, so I’m more apt to listen to his opinions on the Eagles and take something from it than national writers, and some local ones. [Although, I do feel like Philly has the best slew of Eagles reporters that they’ve ever had.]

On last night’s edition of Quick Slants on CSN Philly, Frank said he thinks Bradford will retire. He doesn’t think the Eagles can find a trade partner, and that might hamstring Bradford into retiring if he doesn’t come back during the mandatory mini camps with the desire to start for this team.

Here’s the transcript if you can’t view the video:

Reuben Frank: I think he’s gonna retire, honestly. The guy’s made what, what did we say, $95-$100 million…

Derrick Gunn: Yup, with the $22 million the Eagles are giving him.

Frank: You know, whatever. Easy come, easy go. I think he’s gonna retire. I think he’s had enough. I don’t think he wants to be here. Honestly, I don’t think anybody else wants him. Maybe you get a 3 or 4, but I doubt it. I think it’s done. I think it’s over with. I think Chase Daniel starts your season, plays five or six games, whatever Doug Pederson played,  I think it’s seven. And then Carson Wentz comes in and he’s your quarterback for the next 10 years. And this time next year, we’re sitting here saying, “Sam who?”

I’ve heard rumblings elsewhere about this, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. If Bradford wants to be “the man” somewhere, he’s going to have to play for the Eagles this season unless a team really overpays for him and the Eagles can’t say no to a trade. I just don’t see him walking away from the game altogether.


  1. David Williams

    There is no way he’s retiring. Right now he’s still trying to force a trade by staying away, but definitely he does show up once training camp starts. When he walked out before the draft, it made sense for the Eagles to trade him, to get back some of the picks they gave up, and to make sure his dead cap space is all counted this season, which they’ve written off, freeing money up for 2017, when they will presumably try to win again. And for the team he’s traded too, he’s only a 7 million cap hit for this season and could be easily cut afterwards.

    Now, by staying away from OTA’s all he does is let the fans and media do their part to convince Howie that keeping him might be a worse option than going with Chase. Then he gets to spend his 1 year audition on a team where at least there is a possibility he could stick around a year and not spend next offseason learning another new offense, which I really think is his goal.

    Using the fans to force a trade is unlikely, but even if it fails, he shows up in June as required and is in the exact same situation as he was before he left camp; learning another new offense and hoping to do well enough to be picked up by another team after the season. If he does well, no one will remember that back in May people assumed he walked out because he was afraid to compete, and if he does poorly he’s a backup for the rest of his career anyway, so it won’t matter.

  2. Sam Crow

    Obviously Reuben Frank didn’t read Sal Palontonio’s article that reports Bradford’s agent informed the Eagles he won’t report until June 7 once mandatory camp starts.

  3. PhillySucksDonkeyDick

    The Eagles keep failing. The fact that Bradford didn’t retire sooner should surprise everyone. The kid’s been injury-plagued since his senior year at OU and has never lived up to potential. The Eagles were foolish to acquire him in the first place. Now they’ve traded their future for a pile of magic beans called Carson Wentz. Good luck getting 2nd round talent to win you a SB. Oh well…at least you still have your immortalized imaginary hero in Rocky Balboa. LOL

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