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Here’s One of the Craziest Hail Marys You’ll Ever See

The second week of college football had a tall task in trying to live up to the first week. While many college football games were borderline boring today, if what we saw in Oklahoma earlier today was just the tip of the iceberg, I have a feeling the second week of college football will finish out strong.

Central Michigan took on Oklahoma State today at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater. It looked like the 22nd-ranked Cowboys had the game won, but then we saw one of the craziest Hail Mary plays of all-time.

Just watch as the play begins around the 20-second mark.




Should the Hail Mary have counted, however?

A Mid-American Conference referee says no.

Tim O’Dey said Saturday that the Oklahoma State-Central Michigan game should not have been extended and that his officiating crew erred in giving Central Michigan an untimed down.

The Chippewas threw a Hail Mary touchdown pass on that final play and beat OSU 30-27.

O’Dey said he checked with Rogers Reddings, Collefe Football Officiating’s National Coordinatory of Football Officails, and the game should end on an accepted live ball loss-of-down penalty with no time left.

A last-second intentional grounding penalty on OSU quarterback Mason Rudolph, however, gave CMU one last untimed down in which Chippewas quarterback Cooper Rush tossed a Hail Mary, and a lateral led to a miraculous Chippewas victory.

It’s unclear at this time if Oklahoma State can or will protest the outcome and what, if anything, can be done now.

Mike Pereira agrees.

Shenanigans! But still an awesome play and we got to see it.

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