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Ken Bone Is Using His 15 Minutes of Fame to Perfection

In case you missed Sunday’s presidential debate, or you’re not on social media, you’ve missed out on the meme that can finally lay Harambe to rest. KEN BONE.  He came, he asked a poignant question and he conquered the Internet.

Ken Bone has amassed more than 200K followers on Twitter since the debate. You can buy his trademark red sweater online. And now he’s rolling out a limited time T-shirt offer so you can roll to the polls in style.

Ken has been interacting with his newfound constituents on Twitter including a recent picture of his “trophy wife”:

He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the night after the debate. The man looks like the personification of a hug and I have completely jumped from the Wentz Wagon to hang in the Bone Zone this week. With all of the turmoil that we have been subjected to during this election cycle, Ken Bone has proved to be the hero that we need and deserve.

Ken was also bestowed with one of the highest honors of the stoner community, a personal smoke sesh with Snoop Dogg:

Enjoy some memes and remember to Bone your friends with our list!

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