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What Joel Embiid Has Done Better Than Steph Curry Through 10 Career Games

Granted, Joel Embiid has only played 10 career games. But check out what he’s doing better than Steph Curry did through his first 10 career contests.

Shoot the basketball!

Embiid has 11 triples through his first 10 games and is shooting 50 percent (11-of-22) from beyond the arc, while Curry made nine and shot 42.9 percent (9-of-21). This was a tweet from @ESPNStatsInfo prior to the Philadelphia 76ers game against the Miami Heat on Monday.

Limited sample size I know, but still freaking incredible. Curry is the best shooter on the planet and Embiid is a 7-foot-2 center that would be leading the NBA in 3-point shooting if he was qualified.

Trust the process!

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