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Oh My God Triple H Just Voted for Joel Embiid for the NBA All-Star Game

JOEL EMBIID AT WRESTLEMANIA!? IT COULD HAPPEN!? No. No, the Sixers are playing Toronto that night.


Embiid tweeted the COO of WWE (yes, he’s the legit COO in real life) earlier today about learning about grabbing TJ McConnell by the throat (lovingly!) by watching Triple H and asked if WWE was ready for him.

WWE’s COO replied to Embiid, and gave him a vote of confidence for the NBA All-Star Game.

There’s no way Embiid doesn’t head to New Orleans now. RIGHT!? [For the NBA All-Star Game. This year. Not WrestleMania next year. BUT WHAT IF]

[H/T Dan Baxter]

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