Union Soccer Talk: Interview with Jim Curtin

On this episode of “Union Soccer Talk,” Joe Tansey and I were able to sit down with Union head coach Jim Curtin before the season opener this Sunday vs. Vancouver. The first thing I wanted to ask Jim was simple: “How are you doing?” The reason why I started there is because coaching in Philly is a different monster no matter the sport. The Union made the playoffs last year in what was supposed to be a down year; way above many expectations. So, with that being said, I thought Jim came out from the start and lets you know he’s in a good spot.

This is a big season for the Union, easily the best opening day roster in franchise history. But as we learned last year, it’s a long season. No matter what, Curtin and his squad must produce and he knows that.

Other topics discussed:

Nova Hoops: Jim is a Nova grad and its always a good thing to talk Jay Wright.

Wedding advice. (I’m getting married in 10 days…HOLY SH-T!)

Press play and enjoy!

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