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The Pi Store Is Officially Open … And You Can Win Weekly Prizes

The Fantasy Triple Threat contest has been catching eyes and sparking interest all over the web. It has become a unique idea, it has now crossed into “vintage territory.” We’re proud to officially announce we are partnering with Shibe Vintage Sports for the upcoming football season.

Shibe noticed the growth of Philly Influencer, and along with their own infectious style, we couldn’t be happier to be partners.

What does this mean? I’m glad you asked. We’re excited to announce that Philly Influencer will be opening an online store with Shibe, who in turn will also be supplying a Week 1 prize:

The lucky winner will receive this shirt for being the top scorer in Week 1 of the Fantasy Triple Threat. Also, for this week only, anyone who orders anything online gets free shipping with the code “Influencer”. We have added a link on our navigation menu labeled “Pi Store” for you to visit and pick out your favorite pieces of vintage magic.

Shibe Vintage Sports was founded in 2014 by Philadelphia sports fans with a passion for sports history and a desire to sell unique vintage-style shirts and hats. They offer quality brands such as ’47 Brand, Wright and Ditson, Junk Food, Red Jacket, American Needle and Majestic. While producing a lot of their own unique shirts, they continue to utilize the talents of local artists and screenprinters. They have been providing customers with first class service and high quality products that share our passion for sports history for several years.

This newfound partnership will breathe new life into the sports scene in this town, as well as bring some old school sports flavor into the mix. Not only with the words you speak, but the kind you wear as well.

You must be thinking, How do I get myself in the running for this spectacular prize? All the details are right here:

  • Each week you look at the matchups and submit 1QB, 1RB, and 1WR by going to and clicking on the image on the right of the homepage. (If your picks aren’t submitted by game time, no points will be tallied that week. Picks will lock at the first game of the week on Sunday. If you want Thursday players, get them in by Thursday kickoff. )
  • You will compile points based on a PPR scoring system. There will be no negative points.
    • QBs: 1 pt per 20 yds passing and 6 pts per TD
    • RBs: 1 pt per 10 yds rushing, 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 10 yds receiving and 6 pts per TD
    • WRs: 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 10 yds receiving, 1 pt per 10 yds rushing and 6 pts per TD
  • Your points will be tallied up and kept on a weekly basis.
  • At the end of 17 weeks we will see who has the most points for the year!
  • THE CATCH … You can only start each guy ONE TIME! There is the challenge.
  • There will be a total point tiebreaker in the event of a tie. If there is a tie, all teams will be contacted and asked to give a number for the total points on the Thursday Night Game. From there we will announce the week’s winner. THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE WINNER!

Registration for this league is FREE. All results will be tallied and made visible courtesy of   

Any questions send an email to and/or send a direct message to Tony Cutillo (@TCutillo23).

Be sure to follow Shibe Vintage Sports on TwitterInstagram and Facebook . You can visit their physical store located at 137 S. 13th Street (13th & Walnut) Monday-Saturday 11am to 8pm and Sunday 11am to 6pm. Stop on in and tell them you heard about their fantastic collections on You will not be disappointed!


As always you can stop by my Facebook page (FantasySportsAddiction) or tweet me (@TCutillo23) for questions or some nice fantasy debates. I can also be heard weekly via the internet stream live at WengRadio every Monday at 4:00pm EST for a weekend sports wrap. But most importantly, you can catch me here at Pi!

Follow Philly Influencer on Twitter (@PHL_Influencer), Facebook and Instagram.

For fantasy purposes, all my articles are predicated upon a PPR-based system.

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