Predictions for Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 10

The Birds got back on track two weeks ago in London with a big win over the Jaguars. Last weekend, the NFC East helped them out with the Redskins and Cowboys losing in grand fashion. The Birds are only one game behind first place in the division, and the second half of the season is where they need to start making their run.

In a pivotal divisional matchup against the Cowboys, it should be easy to pick this one based on how Dallas’ season has gone so far. But let’s not forget, the Eagles have had a couple collapses so far. Let’s hope they got those out of their system.

To the predictions:

Candis McLean (4-4, @CandisRMcLean):

Confidence is a tricky thing. It’s the ultimate battle between logic and hope. When I say “the Eagles should win,” I wonder if I’m saying that because they’re the better team or if I just wish that they are. So for now, I’ll just stick to what I know. The Eagles feature the #2 run defense, a ton of weapons, and an elite QB. The Cowboys have an elite runner, solid weapons, and an Oikos Yogurt spokesman at QB. The electric atmosphere at The Linc, the funeral black uniforms, and the urgency from a chance to seize the division, should be enough to push the hopes of this fan into the realm of reality.

Eagles 30-17.

Anthony Mazziotti (4-4, @AntMazziotti):

Cue the “Dallas sucks!” chants. This is a downright bad Dallas team with poor leadership both on and off the field. The Eagles need to put the nail in their coffin on Sunday night. I trust the Eagles will find a way to win this game and take another step toward repeating as Divisional champs.

Eagles 38-17.

Mike Diaz (1-7, @PhillyMike):

After a long flight home from London and a little R&R, the Super Bowl Champions return to Lincoln Financial Field in front of a national audience against Dallas Sucks, and boy, do they suck! Doesn’t it seem like it was Dallas Weak as a national conversation this time after Michael Irvin’s rant, Dak being Dak, and the Clapper clapping his way to two-touchdown loss to Tennessee? The Birds are a little banged up and it will be interesting to see how Lane Johnson holds up with an MCL tear, and to see who will replace Jalen Mills if he can’t go. Dallas isn’t entirely healthy either, and the Dallas defense has always played noticeably worse when Sean Lee is not in the lineup. Guess what? Sean Lee is not in the lineup!

The Eagles are wearing black this Sunday night because its a funeral for the Dallas Cowboys 2018 season. The Birds are the champs, Dallas sucks, and we’ll wake up Monday with a 31-13 victory. GO BIRDS!

Eagles 31-13.

Tony Cutillo (3-5, @TCutillo23):

Gone are the days of Chris Boniol and Tommy Hutton with the new norm being led by Carson Wentz. As an Eagles fan, you are taught to hate Dallas and to do so on a very high level. The rivalry will always be center stage no matter the records or direction. For those who say it isn’t the same, I challenge your fandom. We have a chance to step on the throat of a reeling franchise and give them a one way trip to April’s draft. The tone for this game will be set early with the Cowboys staring around for guidance. I think we can finally take away the title of “America’s Team” from this group of boys, don’t you think?

Eagles 38-10.

Adrian Fedkiw (4-4, @AdrianFedkiw):

With the Cowboys heading the Philly coming off six days of rest compared to the Eagles, who are coming off a bye, I don’t like Dallas’ chances. Look for the Eagles to have a two-touchdown lead after three quarters and actually hold one this time, because Dak Prescott stinks! I see Josh Adams and newly-acquired Golden Tate in the screen game as key clock churners in the fourth as the Birds close it out.

Eagles 24-13.

Sean Brace (4-4, @Sean_Brace):

Eagles back at home and I’m not worried about a damn thing! It’s Cowboys week and every player knows what it means to the city and, oh, by the way… an Eagles victory and the ‘Boys are looking at the draft. Their season is over!


Eagles 38-21.

Nick Piccone (2-6, @nickpiccone):

I can’t go against my tweet, can I?

Nah, maybe I can. Maybe the Cowboys are just that bad that it’d be stupid to pick against them just because of a tweet I made after the Eagles’ collapse against the Panthers. Although, this year’s team has left a lot to be desired in terms of holding leads and finishing games. In the second half of the season, they absolutely must take on a killer instinct, much like they had last season. It all starts Sunday night where they should beat Dallas by double-digits, but I won’t believe they have a killer instinct to bury teams until I see it. They’ll pull it off with a one-score win.

Eagles 27-19.


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