AFC Championship Game Review: It’s the Patriots… again


As you heard me say on multiple platforms during the week, I liked the Rams and Chiefs to advance. One favorite and one underdog. The Chiefs selection goes against a sports gambling commandment, “Thou shall not wager vs. Brady in the playoffs.”

With that being said, I was ready for battle after my game one win. Felt loose and about as confident as one could be, taking Andy Reid in a conference championship game.

F Tom Brady.

UPDATE: They won.

So you’re saying this is Brady’s game…

Game was tight all the way through. At 17-14, Edelman was really lucky this ball didn’t hit him.

But as the tweet says, ball don’t lie:

Of course Brady takes the lead. I lost my second half under bet. Thanks, Tom.

What!? The Chiefs answer right back! The third 4th quarter lead change.

Bill not pleased with the no-call on a pick.

A few of us thought the Chiefs would stop the Pats…

He did it. Chiefs scored on the next play. INCREDIBLE!

No question… we knew that was going to happen. Pats vs. Rams – Super Bowl 53.

Well, I wasn’t surprised because the Patriots just know how to win big games. They’re heading to another Super Bowl. And of course, the immediate reaction is that they win it all. Plenty of time to digest that, though.

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