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DAILY TICKET PODCAST: Mark Drumheller on pace of play, new-look Falcons in Week 12 Feature Plays

Mark Drumheller joins Thursday’s Daily Ticket with Sean Brace on Fox Sports The Gambler.  They tackle Thursday night football as Mark gives his reasoning for continuing to fade the Colts. Mark has been red-hot on his totals of the week. He analyzes everything from pace of play, the impact of travel, and the weather conditions where the Jets play host to the Raiders early Sunday. They also break down the impact of Dan Quinn’s delegation of the defensive play calls in Atlanta, and how the pressure on Winston will only get worse this weekend. Mark has been money in the Pac12 this season, so it’s not a surprise he dialed up the Ducks in his college feature play. Can they cover such a big number on the road? Denver heads to Buffalo, and Mark weighs the travel east against some interesting trends paint a clear picture in this matchup.

NFL Week 12 Preview includes :

  • How the Colts are running right into regression.
  • What trends are worth paying attention to as Denver travels to Buffalo.
  • Pace of play and it’s impact on the Raiders vs. Jets total.
  • College Feature Play : Oregon’s audition on Saturday night at Arizona St.
  • Atlanta’s defensive resurrection and it’s role as a favorite.


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