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Your Morning Brew (9/20/21): Eagles lose, Fat Joe vs. Ja Rule, Big E’s the WWE Champ, and more


We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. The Eagles went to battle against the 49ers, but the 49ers D was just too much for the Birds, especially considering the head coach had a poor gameplan. Brandon Graham’s season is reportedly over. Fat Joe and Ja Rule went at it in the latest installment of Verzuz. Nicki Minaj somehow became a Doctor over night apparently and is now a hero for the ignorant. We have a lot to get to. It’s Brew time.

The enemies came to the Rocky statue


This is the last time I’m going to say this

L for the Eagles

Back to life, back to reality

Absolutely brutal

And this was all she wrote

Graham confirms

The heartbeat of the Eagles

Hurts with the QB sneak

This play went to waste

Nick is fired up

Let’s see how our squad did with predictions this week


Big E cashes in his Money-in-the-Bank contract

Another angle



This is Awesome

The Tribal Chief weighs in

The Plane ride from Hell

Oh boy

Omega vs Danielson is happening

Tucker Carlson lies???? No way!

Newsom survives

Glad to see someone stepped up here

Dan Quayle for the win for Democracy

Please make him go away

The Justice for J6 Rally


How to infuriate fragile souls in 3,2,1…


This is an interesting look…

Okay Nicki

This is worth a watch

So good

When Tucker Carlson is on your side, it’s time to re-evaluate things

Another Covid denier finds out the hard way that Covid is real

Incredible sight

Apple steps up

Norm MacDonald has passed away

What a mess

Ja Rule vs Fat Joe at Verzuz

It was a rough night for Joey Crack

Pretty much

Ashanti was the star of the show

Lean Back

They had to bring in Jadakiss to save the day

The reactions


Mark Zuckerberg is scum


Tough break for the Cowboys

Giants blow it against WFT

So about that Wentz guy

Speaking of

Nova baby!

White out

Penn State wins

Bama survives

This is a fun goal to watch

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