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Philly businesses embracing the digital age 

With a rise in businesses going online, stats clearly show the benefits that can happen when these businesses decide to invest in a digital marketing strategy. In 2020, a significant shift in the way potential customers prefer to shop became obvious. It became important to keep up with the best ways to stay afloat, and many Philly businesses learned to adapt, offering a virtual presence their customers weren’t previously accustomed to. In 2022, being online seems to be imperative for local entities that want to connect with a bigger audience and serve larger numbers of people.

A New Digital Normal

When things began to shift back to the physical realm, small businesses accounted for the increase in overhead expenses that came with running a store, paying staff, and the many other costs that were eliminated during their venture into the online business world. It was obvious that the pros outweighed the cons, and a new digital age emerged.

Save Our Local

If it wasn’t for the advancements in the digital sphere, many Philly businesses would not be around today. Saving local businesses took on a new meaning and going online was the only way to do so. Food delivery services saved the restaurant industry, virtual movie screenings and televised entertainment saved the arts and culture world, and telecommunications played a huge role in the lives of corporate workers.

Cultural landmarks also took a hit when tourists were scarce, and locals were ordered to stay at home. But the Museum of Illusions introduced Philadelphia to a new way of appreciating history through the technology of the future. The Museum is one of a kind and it changed expectations about what a museum should offer patrons. It showed that a target audience still remained prominent and was willing to try out and support a business that was completely virtual. This paves the way for other businesses that are capitalizing on being online.

Benefiting From Digital Marketing

If you have a business that can fully rely on being an online-only service, then there are many ways you can use the advantages of digital marketing to succeed and grow your audience. A great way to do this is by considering the services of a local SEO company. Search Engine Optimization is one of the top ways a business can attract traffic to its website and hiring an expert in SEO to attract a local Philadelphia-based audience is the best way to start. Social Media marketing is also something local businesses can use to increase audience reach. Hiring a Philadelphia-digital marketing agency to assist with campaigns, content, and strategy would be highly beneficial, and the ROI will be far greater than if you try to tackle it yourself.

Doing Digital Right

It’s important to note that digital marketing will not save your business if there’s a lack of demand for your product or service. Industry leader and SEO expert Neil Patel told Forbes that brand building all starts with providing a good product or service. Without a great core offering even the best digital marketing strategy won’t hold much weight. So, make sure you are confident in your brand before investing in digital marketing.

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