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Sean Brace

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Nick Piccone

  • Editor/Writer/Digital Content Producer, Philly Influencer
  • Social Media, Philly Influencer & Fox Sports The Gambler
  • Digital Content Producer/Audio Engineer, Fox Sports The Gambler
  • Host of The Straight Shooters podcast

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Candis McLean

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Tony Cutillo

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Larry Henry Jr.

  • Writer, Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Union
  • Flyers Insider, Fox Sports The Gambler

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Anthony Mazziotti

  • Writer, Philadelphia Phillies and UFC

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Mark Drumheller

  • Sports Betting, Philly Influencer
  • Sports Wagering Wizard, Fox Sports The Gambler
  • Host of Betting for Breakfast

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Tim O’Keefe

  • Sports Betting, Philly Influencer
  • Social Media, Fox Sports The Gambler

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Jon Jansen

  • Columnist, Philly Influencer
  • Host of The Line Change, Fox Sports The Gambler

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Chris Euksuzian

  • Golf, sports betting
  • Host of the Rise and Fire, Off The Tee Matchups, and Tackle The Board podcasts

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Mike Diaz

  • Host, Green Legion Radio
  • Columnist

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Mike Barbalace

  • Graphic Designer

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