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Drafting Mariota is exactly what this city needs!

maxresdefaultNo question in our minds that the Philadelphia Eagles want Marcus Mariota. No question that the fan base is on board with this move as well. The combination of Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez & Tim Tebow (although put together is one hell of an impressive college resume) is not the answer for the QB position at the professional level. And thats where the conversation ends on the Eagles upcoming season. The move to draft Mariota tomorrow night is all about the fans at this point. Philly is struggling right now and needs something to get behind. The Eagles supportters will always be there. The list for season tickets is long enough to last you for your lifetime. Put your name down the day you’re delivered, and there’s a good chance you’ll never get that phone call. Well, we are talking 2075 so who knows if we’ll still be dialing numbers by then. This city needs a buzz, and not the 2-3 beers on the back deck buzz, I’m talking we’re going to Vegas for Tommy’s bachelor party buzz! The cold months are over and the Phillies will do anything but heat things up this summer. Philadelphia deserves a little heater. All the terrible fan bases across the country are getting rewarded it seems every year. Cleveland and Miami with Lebron. Atlanta with the Hawks. Chicago seems to have things working with Derrick Rose back and the Cubs looking decent to start. Why not Philly is the question we’re asking today, hopefully tomorrow night our pursuit for the answer is finally over!

Go Birds



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