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Rangers Fans Aren’t Happy with What the Team Gave up for Cole Hamels

We’re sitting here, sulking and on the verge of mental breakdowns because our beloved Cole Hamels was traded to a Rangers team that won’t even contend this season. We won’t even be able to watch him in the playoffs come October.

So, of course, we probably would all become Rangers fans for the time being while Cole is there. But with comments like the ones below¬†on Rangers SB Nation blog Lone Star Ball, maybe those frauds don’t deserve Hamels.

Here are some beauties:

“Fuck everything about this. 3 of our top 5. 5 of our top 20. None of you can say this is a win for the Rangers.”

“Son of a… damn damn damn damn.”

“Going to go ahead and give this deal a F-”

“This trade sucks.”

“Hamels is not an ace. He’s just not.”

“This better be $60m carried by JP Crawford to make this deal reasonable.”

“RIP pitching depth.”

“Well this trade went from neutral to negative in a hurry.”

“Oh boy this trade. I was going to fap this evening, but not sure what to do anymore.”

“After this trade where will our farm rank?”


FIRST OF ALL, WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR FARM SYSTEM? GEEEEEEEZ! I hate ridiculous baseball fans. Worrying more about your farm system than winning a World Series. Ridiculous.

Screw off, Texas. More here.

H/T to’s Matt Mullin

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