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Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy Just Spent a Lot of Money on Us

When an Eagles fan [@TheMightyEROCK]¬†hilariously decided to lighten up a rather uneventful summer with some fun during the Cowboy’s scrimmage on August 9th by hiring a plane to fly the sign “We have DeMarco! – Eagles fans” over their field, we really should have known those imbeciles in Texas would try to copy something awesome and try to make it their own.

And, of course, they did. Cowboys fans had to retaliate with their own unoriginality, and set up a Go Fund Me page to fly “We got the division” over the Eagles’ practice on August 9th, which already has raised over $2,000. And people say Cowboys fans don’t care about the Eagles… yeah, right.

So, not to be outdone by his ridiculous offseasons two years in a row, Greg Hardy decided to fund this project $300 and the message will now read “WE STILL DEM BOYZ!” Yes, Greg Hardy. You still that boy. Who beat up his girlfriend and basically got away with it. Good for you, man. Good for you.

And, really, any extra money being donated to a hospital or charity should be expected.

In addition, a Cowboys fan donated $5 to the Eagles’ fans campaign. For the five Super Bowls the Cowboys have. I’m not sure the moron understands how this works. The Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski nailed it.


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