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Philly Influencer Live Podcast Episode #16: It’s Time to Get Excited about the Eagles

On today’s podcast, Sean Brace rolls solo and gives you the one reason why all Eagles fans should be excited about this upcoming season. Also, he breaks down the Terrell Suggs hit on Bradford and has a good laugh at the whole Cris Carter “fall guy” speech. Press play and enjoy!

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1:oo Sponsors

4:00 Podcast update. Big announcement.

10:00 Now is the time to get excited about the Eagles.

20:00 What team do you fear from the NFC?

30:00 Jordy Nelson out for the season.

35:00 Heading to Chicago for the weekend.

40:00 Suggs’ hit on Bradford.

43:00 Cris Carter “Fall Guy” speech was incredible.

50:00 Cris Carter was close… here’s what he should’ve said.


  1. Charlie Schafer

    Top 5 Defensive players:
    JJ Watt
    Earl Thomas
    Justin Houston
    Luke Kuechly
    Ndamukong Suh
    Kam Chancellor
    Richard Sherman
    Darrelle Revis

  2. Sean Brace

    Thanks Charlie. Not sure why this changed, will fix it moving forward.

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