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Philly Influencer Live Podcast #10 – Who Killed hitchBOT, Open Eagles Practice and More

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1 PM, Sean Brace & John Barchard from The Fanatic, podcast live and discuss all things Philly! On this episode they try to solve the hitchBOT crime, who the Eagles #1 QB is right now &’s Eagles reporter, Patrick Wall joined the show, live from the Linc. Press play, it’s only an hour and perfect for the desk or your commute! Contents listed below.


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3:00 Sponsors.

6:30 Who killed the hitchBOT?

9:00 How much can you make from YouTube views?

11:00 Why would you put out footage of you destroying the bot?

13:00 I’m deep in the rabbit hole.

14:00 I’d like to solve the puzzle Pat!

15:30 If you saw a robot at 5am in the morning, what would you do?

18:30 Trying to get your star a little brighter!

21:00 Country Music TV might bail?

24:00 Social media comments. If you don’t care, why comment?

29:00 “Out a Twitter Troll” Email me at [email protected].

33:00 Eagles conversation begins.

34:00 Reports are Eagles/Bradford working on new deal. Good idea?

37:00 Chip Kelly still here next season if they miss the playoffs?

41:00 If Chip could have the Riley Cooper situation over, would he cut him?

45:00 BleedingGreenNations &’s Patrick Wall live from the Linc.

48:00 How many Eagles fans showed up to Tuesday’s practice?

49:00 QB conversation: Who got the reps with the first team? Who looked better – Sanchez or Bradford?

51:00 How did Tebow look?

53:00 Ertz & Sproles.

54:00 Moment of silence for the hitchBOT?

55:00 Brian Westbrook.

56:00 Excited for Sam Bradford?

58:00 Sponsors and goodbyes!

59:00 HUG A ROBOT.

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