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The NHLPA Has Filed a Grievance against the Los Angeles Kings for Releasing Mike Richards

Back in June, the Los Angeles Kings released Mike Richards after rumors circulated that they were going to buy him out. Something seemed strange and reporters who uncovered why the Kings released Richards were quiet until details were made public – by who else but W.B. Mason TMZ.

Now, according to TSN, the NHLPA is filing a grievance over the release of Richards.

The NHL Players’ Association has filed a grievance on behalf of Mike Richards against the Los Angeles Kings, contesting the termination of his contract.

The Kings terminated Richards’ contract in late June for what they called “a material breach of the requirements” of his contract.

Richards had US$22 million and five years left on his contract.

It was not immediately clear when Richards would have a hearing, though the NHLPA would like the process to be expedited.

Just do a quick Twitter search to find lots of Flyers fans wanting to bring Richards back just because. He’s technically a free agent, but I doubt he’ll land in Philadelphia, much less somewhere else. Maybe Arizona.


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