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Flyers Fans Have Launched a GoFundMe Campaign to Buy the Penguins

This could be ours.

A few months ago, word broke that Penguins owner, Mario Lemieux, was looking to sell the franchise that he bought in 1999 in order to maximize his return on equity value and interest rates. The Penguins are a much more valuable franchise today than when Lemieux took over sixteen years ago.

As this article on a Pittsburgh sports SB Nation blog states, Lemieux only bought the team as an investment, not exactly as the Messiah of Pittsburgh. It’s the same reason Joshua Harris and his bros bought the Sixers and Devils, essentially. Lemieux even tried selling the team back in 2006, and a deal was actually agreed upon before the other party rescinded their agreement.

Enter Flyers fans. The folks over at the have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $750 million to buy the Penguins. The writeup reads:

Recently it has come to light that Mario Lemieux is willing to sell the Pittsburgh Penguins for $750 million dollars. Well, we’re gonna buy em! We are the Orange and Black Pack, a dedicated Flyers hockey blog. We figure since the Flyers already figuratively
own the Penguins, their fans might as well literally own them.

You can find us at http:// or on Facebook and Twitter. In the very likely event we do not raise the money required to purchase the Penguins franchise, 100% of the money we have raised will be donated to Flyers Wives charities. Information on who Flyers Wives charities supports can be found here:

Please help us purchase the worst franchise in the NHL so we can try to make it better by doing things like:
– Painting the entire inside of the arena Orange and Black
– Putting a giant photo of Claude Giroux on the outside of the building, facing the highway
– Repainting the parking lots stripes orange, with a Flyers logo in each spot
– Using colored thread to impose a beach ball in the net Behind Fleury
– Make a wall of fame in the concourse with photos of our top donators

Thank you for your support!

It sort of makes sense. The Flyers currently own the CONSOL Energy Center, so if fans were able to gain ownership of the Penguins, we could probably move the team to play in the Atlantic Ocean and leave Pennsylvania to the Flyers.

Realizing their goal is likely not going to be achieved, any money raised during this campaign will be donated to Flyers Charities.


H/T to @CZWchris


  1. isis2012

    Well,since the pathetic Eagles can’take win one Superbowl,it makes since they want to own a winning franchise like the Pittsburgh Penguins! Thanks for the flattery!

  2. detergent

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  3. Mike

    Pittsburgh has proven time and time again that they don’t deserve a franchise. Those neanderthals are too fixated on a boring sport called football to care about hockey. It took four consecutive years of top two overall draft picks to resurrect their dying franchise and save it from shipping out to Kansas City in 2004, and they’ll go down the same road soon enough when Bettman’s love affair with Sid runs out.

  4. Isis2012frompitt

    Sorry I’m from Pittsburgh and can’t spell good. You see since I can’t spell or do grammar my opinion is worthless. Go penis!!!

  5. PGHChris

    Makes sense, I guess. Since the city of Philadelphia seems to be well on its way to being consumed by New Jersey. What’s already the dumpster of Pennsylvania is about to become part of the landfill of America; I guess I’d look for greener pastures too…

  6. Slidetuba

    Sir Alex Ferguson said it best..

    Form is temporary, class is permanent.. You can’t buy class..

  7. FlyersAreShitlords

    Flyers fans have always been jealous of the Penguins franchise, so really it makes sence they finally have the balls to do it now, seeing the Flyers have been doing so poorly as of late…

  8. jdowns1972

    Maybe Football wouldn’t be so boring if you won a title once every half century or so. Try winning a Stanley Cup this millennium before you put down the 2009 champs!

  9. chris2pher

    The Flyers have won two Stanley Cups (’73-’74 and ’74-’75). The Penguins have won three Stanley Cups (’90-91, ’91-’92, ’08-’09)

    so whose the worse team ??

  10. chris2pher

    The Flyers have won two Stanley Cups (’73-’74 and ’74-’75). that’s 40 years ago versus The Penguins have won three Stanley Cups (’90-91, ’91-’92, ’08-’09) ‘6 YEARS AGO’ so whose the worse team ???

  11. FlyersOwnPens

    I see Pens fans like history. Being more of a current events man myself, currently the Flyers are on an EIGHT game winning streak over the Penguins. Overall, since expansion, points-wise the Flyers have won 56 games over the Penguins. With the current format, the Pens would have to sweep the Flyers FOURTEEN straight seasons just catch up.

    Fact: Flyers already own the Penguins. Now we just want the deed.

  12. toby

    the flyers are the worst team in the nhl so i think that they should try to buy the flyers team instead of taking are pens team

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