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The Cowboys Responded to Greg Hardy’s Sideline Tirade, and They Want to Extend Him. Wait, What!?

So, yesterday you got to read a lot of my thoughts on Greg Hardy and how the Cowboys are handling him. Well, not only are the Cowboys not going to discipline Hardy, but now they are already talking about wanting to extend his contract to keep him in Dallas.They want to reward him. (!)

Well, it seems as Jerry Jones thinks we are all stupid. There’s no other way to explain this situation.

On Monday, Cowboys executive vice president, and son of the owner, Stephen Jones, said that the team “absolutely” hopes to extend Hardy’s current contract, which expires after the season.

Jones appeared on radio station 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, where he acknowledged that it’s “very much a possibility” that a new deal with Hardy will get done.

Jones on if Hardy’s personality is an issue in their eyes:

“Not at all. Zero! Got a lot respect from his teammates, and he’s a very competitive guy, obviously wants to win. Frustrations can flow. We’ve had great football players throughout our ownership that can get fiery on the sidelines. He’s not the first to do that, whether it’s Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant, Charles Haley. We’ve had them. I think his teammates respect him from everything I heard, their comments after the game. Everybody was supportive of him, and there’s no issue here.”

So, if you didn’t catch on to it, the Cowboys are defying logic, common sense, their fans, the NFL, and anyone with a working brain, by slapping them in the face. Let me script the reality of this situation out for you.

105.3: Is Hardy and his actions an issue in your mind?

Jones: No.

105.3: Well, he did put hands on the coaching staff and went at it verbally with other teammates. That’s not an issue of concern for you?

Jones: No.

105.3: It just seems like this would be an issue of concern because of how it played out. Can you explain further why this isn’t an issue?

Jones: Sure. 11 and 15.

105.3: What does that mean?

Jones: Those are the sack numbers Hardy put up in 2012 and 2013. That’s the reason we signed him.

105.3: So it’s not an issue because Hardy is talented?

Jones: Absolutely.

105.3: What if a lesser player did the same thing? Would you react the same way?

Jones: I hear Southwest has affordable flights leaving Dallas.

105.3: So you aren’t worried about the message this will send your fans, other players, and the league?

Jones: We don’t fucking care.

105.3: *dumps the audio*

105.5: Well, thanks for joining us on today’s show!

We shouldn’t be surprised with how the Cowboys are acting. I mean, there is an entire book written about the dysfunction and insanity that happens within that organization when they had other role models such as Michael Irvin. Funny thing – even Michael Irvin, on Monday, called Jerry Jones an enabler.

Well, here’s to having talent and being in the Cowboys organization. Put up stats. Get a check. No consequences.

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